My name is Lucifer please take my hand.

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Music Ask

1. Name one song you’re ashamed of liking
2. 25 most played songs in your iTunes?
3. Put your iPod on shuffle and tell me the first 5 songs
4. What song are you listening to right now?
5. First concert you ever went to?
6. First album you brought?
7. First favourite band?
8. Favourite song from the 90s?
9. Favourite cover of a song?
10. Favourite lyrics?
11. Favourite band/artist?
12. Favourite band member from your favourite band?
13. Favourite song?
14. Least favourite band/artist?
15. Least favourite song?
16. Last song you listened to?
17. Last album you brought?
18. Last song that made you cry?
19. Last song that made you smile?
20. Recent artist/band you’ve started to like
21. Name one of your playlists
22. What songs are on that playlist?
23. Artist/Band that has saved you life?
24. Longest song on your iPod?
25. Shortest song on your iPod?
26. Most played song in your iTunes
27. Do you play an instrument?
28. One instrument you wish you played
29. Name one band/artist you used to love but now loathe
30. What’s one song you have on your iPod that you always skip when on shuffle but have never deleted?

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I always end up wanting someone I can’t have. Why do things have to be complicated all the time. My woman is always that inch out reach, so fucking tantalizingly close :( ughh whatever.